Vulcan Welder Review

Vulcan is a relatively recent entry into the industry of welding equipment. This rings especially true when compared to names such as Lincoln or Miller. Vulcan has recently released a new MIG welder into the wild, the Vulcan Migmax 140. This welder is truly turning some heads in welding communities. Experts have admitted that the Migmax 140 is one of the most technologically advanced MIG welders on the market. To start, the Vulcan Migmax 140 is incredibly efficient compared to alternatives.

It is user friendly, not requiring a great deal of effort and expertise to get started. This review of the Vulcan Migmax 140 MIG welder is intended to uncover inside details regarding this welder. This is to keep our readers informed on matters of usability, accessibility, and most importantly efficiency. Find out information from firsthand users on the ins and outs of the Vulcan Migmax 140, and see why it tops our list of best MIG welders in the Vulcan welder review below.

vulcan welder review

Vulcan Welder Review – The Migmax 140

The Migmax 140 Vulcan Welder is a great welding machine. Its body is a combination of orange and blue coloring, with logos and wording on the frame written in white. It is a light power tool compared to competing MIG welders. This is impressive, considering the fact that it is made from industrial grade aluminum. In fact, this welder is the lightest in its class when compared to alternative MIG welders with similar output levels.

This makes it very convenient for users whose jobs involve frequent traveling. The lightweight feature of this product also contributes to its high portability. Users will find it easy to carry around the 48 lb welding machine. The dimensions of the Vulcan Migmax 140 welder are 21 x 16 x 11 inches. This is a small footprint, which makes it even more compact and portable.

vulcan welder

Vulcan Welder’s Anti-Spatter Technology

The arc welding technologies of the Vulcan Migmax welder make it one of the most simple to start MIG welders currently on the market. In addition, many users who left a Vulcan welder review noted that the welder has a spatter free start. This is a bonus with smaller, less expensive MIG welders. For this reason, users have no need to be concerned about molten metal flecks emitting as a result of ignition spatter. This is rampant in most traditional lower-price point MIG welding equipment.

Additionally, users are able to benefit from the Vulcan’s advanced technology through lessened post-weld cleanup costs. Anti-spatter spray is by no means inexpensive. The hassles involved with getting the proper mixture of argon and carbon dioxide know no bounds as well. Yet, all of these efforts still don’t manage to eliminate spatter as a whole. This is because they are only meant to provide spatter reduction. This allows the metal to have finishes that are close to perfect.

Advanced Features of Vulcan Welders

An additional incredible feature of the Vulcan Migmax 140, according to one lengthy Vulcan welder review, is that it contains an industrial-grade cast aluminum drive system inside its tiny frame. What the aluminum drive system does is make it incredibly simple to feed flux core and solid wires. These wires can be up to 15 feet without requiring the use of any tools. Manufacturers kept the necessary needs of modern handymen and welders at the forefront of their mind, and designed this system to be as intuitive and user friendly as possible.

By working their hands around Vulcan welding systems in effective manners, they managed to develop a tool free design. Isn’t that clever? Additionally, the equipment comes spool gun ready. This means that there is no need to purchase a hard-to-find and expensive adapter to prepare for some MIG welding work. However, it is worth noting that the Vulcan Migmax 140 does not come with a spool gun already, and it will need to be purchased separately. We recommend the Hobart 300796 SpoolRunner 100.

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Power Rating of Vulcan Welders

MIG welding machines are only as good as their associated power rating. You can’t separate the power rating and dive into it separate from the machine. This is because a lot of the driving force between MIG welder purchase decisions derive from this. This Vulcan welder review serves todo more than sample power ratings. Let’s dive in.

The Vulcan Migmax has a welder’s input of 120 volts. This couples with superior inverter technology to provide the strongest quality output power. This, in turn, ensures that a MIG welders welds are effective, sturdy, and of high caliber. Many reviewers and consistent users of Vulcan welding products commend the fault-free inverter technology. They note that it is an innovation to run DC power, as DC is more portable and can be conserved more easily than simple AC current.

The output power of the Wulcan MigMax 140 ranges from 30 to 140dc. This is a solid power rating, especially when compared to competing welding machines. It’s even more impressive after seeing size comparisons and portability ratings.


Pros and Cons of the Vulcan Migmax 140 MIG Welder

The Vulcan VW Migmax 140 has been designed for professional welders, but built so amateurs can take advantage of the product. This makes it a solid option for all ranges and skill levels. The first big draw to the Migmax is the cutting edge spatter reduction technology. Many professional MIG welders confirm that scarred, uneven surfaces result mostly from spatter ignition more than anything else. The fact that this model of MIG welder comes with anti spatter features make it a solid go-to for on the go professional welders.

Secondly, while on the topic of portability, the Mixmax is one of the most lightweight and portable welding machines in its class. According to one Vulcan welder review, the ease of carrying it around makes it a great go-to welder. They state it’s great for amateurs, professionals, and anyone who finds themselves needing to travel to welding gigs. Also, this welder comes with a one year satisfaction guarantee, which serves to not only provide some user confidence and assurance, but also to let buyers know that Vulcan stands behind their products.

However, despite the cutting edge welding technology, anti-spatter advancements, and great portability, one Vulcan welder review states some criticisms around its price point. The reviewer noted that the Vulcan Migmax was frequently priced higher than bulkier alternatives at the same power level. Additionally, the fact that this welder does not come with a spool gun means that users will need to buy one separately if they are not already in possession of a spool gun of their own. This can be discouraging to some welders, especially those on a budget, or those looking to purchase a whole package deal.

Vulcan Welder Review – Wrapping Up

The high quality of Vulcan’s welding products speak volume of the company. Vulcan is a brand leader in effective and efficient welding machines. There are only a few welders out there that have the capacity to boast a combination of arc starting technology, tool-free design, and industrial grade cast aluminum drive systems. This explains its higher price entry point. But the lightweight design make it to where, if this was a boxing match, the Vulcan Migmax 140 would easuly be the “pound for pound champion”.

If you are a welding professional and don’t mind the slight premium price of this welder, this is for you. If you don’t mind the need to purchase a spool gun on your own, then Vulcan VW Migmax 140 MIG welder is the perfect marriage of quality and expectations.


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