Simpson 4400 PSI Pressure Washer PS60843

simpson 4400 psi pressure washer

A pressure washer is a must-have thing for your home. It gets rid of stuck dirt, mold, and mildew, especially under shaded areas. If you clean or pressure wash your house once a week, it will prevent dust and dangerous chemical residue from building up inside the unreachable surfaces.

The SIMPSON 4400 PSI Pressure Washer is a professional and robust washing tool. It has featured a commercial SIMPSON 420 engine plus a reliable AAA industrial triplex pump, fifty feet kink with an abrasion-resistant hose, an efficient design spray gun with five changeable connect nozzles. This equipment is also helpful for outdoor work like job sites, facilities, or fleet maintenance.

About The  Simpson 4400 PSI Pressure Washer

The Simpson 4400 PSI Pressure Washer PS60843 is featured with a gas-powered engine and offers maximum water pressure of 4400 PSI and a flow of 4 GPM. It has been specially designed for contractors who have expertise in in cleaning decks, restoring wood, preparing paint surfaces, removing wall graffiti and similar jobs.

With its sturdy, impressive 420cc gas-powered engine, the pressure wash’s triplex pump has the ability to deliver pressure as strong as four thousand four hundred PSI its 75 times greater than a regular garden tap hose. Its engine will start with one pull of a rope. It has a stainless steel fuel tank with a maximum capacity of 1.8 Gallon.

The wheelbarrow shape chassis provides portability and stability to the unit and makes it more usable in different situations. The sturdy steel welded frame gives longevity to the assembly handles adds more convenience to a transport pressure washer from one place to another.

The SIMPSON 4400 PSI Pressure Washer weighs only 139 lbs. the less weight of this washer eliminates the hindrance of transport and makes it portable as you desire. The pressure washer has onboard storage that allows you to store nozzles and other accessories and always lets you expertly organize when you are doing a cleaning job.

Pros and Cons of the Simpson 4400 PSI Pressure Washer

As with any Pressure Washer, there are going to be advantages and disadvantages when compared to other product options. This option is no exception. We would be remiss if we didn’t cover this Pressure Washer from all angles. Below are some of the pros and cons that we have discovered with the Simpson 4400 PSI Pressure Washer PS60843.

Tool Guides Hub Thoughts

The SIMPSON equipment company has fifty years of experience in making high-quality products. In a nutshell, this pressure washer is heavy-duty commercial-grade equipment. It offers an all-in-one handy washing experience. That also allows you to spot clean of hard, unpainted surfaces and high reach cleaning to the closely packed areas.

You can use soap or detergent and clean the clogged, challenging, and uneven surfaces without getting your hands in the dirt. Users appreciate the power of this pressure washer. It has a 420cc (OHV) high rev engine that can produce enough continuous power throughout the job. The oil level protection mechanism shuts down the engine when the oil level is too low.

The classic pull-to-start function is a durable and washer engine that starts in one pull. The indication light helps draw immediate attention to the maintenance. Simpson 4400 PSI Pressure Washer PS60843 is a valuable investment. In its comparative price segment, overall reviews of this product are considerable.

Alternative Pressure Washer Options

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