Hobart Handler 140: Our Comprehensive MIG Welder Review

If you have been doing welding works for a couple of years, then you probably have come across the name Hobart. The company is known for manufacturing welders of high quality and durability, not to mention popularity. Hobart is a US manufacturing company based in Troy, Ohio and produces some of the best welders on the market. The Handler 140 MIG Welder is just one of the many products that happen to be Hobart’s offerings. This is a Hobart Handler 140 review that seeks to evaluate the ins and outs of the product by looking at some of the Hobart 140 review statements from first-hand users. It made our list of best MIG welders, see why for yourself by reading through this review!

hobart handler 140

Hobart Handler 140 review – Product Description

The users of the Handler 140 like to associate it with great attributes such as high quality and durability. This is true according to one Hobart Handler 140 review that attests to the durability of this welder. The welder is MIG ready which means that you do not need to have an additional kit in order to perform MIG welding. It weighs 65.3 pounds with dimensions of 19 x 11 x 13 inches, which make it relatively portable. One Hobart 140 review confirms that this welder is quite portable given its compact dimensions.


The design of the Hobart welder is quite versatile, which means you can use it for various welding works. These include auto body, household repairs, and heavy farm projects. It operates on a household current of 115V and works best with a 20 amp circuit. The 5-position tapped voltage control allows you to fine-tune your arc. It gives you a smooth arc on all material thicknesses. You are bound to get an industrial performance given that it is built with an industrial cast aluminum drive system.

Ease of Use

Hobart manufacturers understand that the ease of use is an important consideration. It is for this reason that the Handler 140 is so easy to setup and use. According to one review, this welder only takes few minutes to setup. In addition, the package includes a setup manual that users can follow to ensure that the setup is properly done. There’s a wide range of DIY projects and professional tasks that you can accomplish using this welder. They include mower decks, exhaust systems, trailer frames lawn and garden equipment and metal sculpture. One Hobart 140 review explains that you can also use the Hobart welder for PTO attachments and fences.

hobart 140 review

What’s inside the Box?

You will find a Handler 140 with a built-in gas valve and one 10ft MIG gun with a liner in the box. There’s also a dual gauge regulator and a gas hose, one 10ft work cable and clamp and a 10ft power cord. According to one Hobart handler 140 review, the gas regulator is Miller-branded. Finally, you will find some extra 0.030 contact tips, a 0.030 flux-cored wire, and an 8 inch spool adapter. The owner’s manual and setup guide are also included in the box to ease the process of setting up.

One thing that you can’t help but notice about the packaging is how solidly packaged it was. Unlike other packages, the Hobart 140 came nicely wrapped in a solid two-layer thick cardboard, stapled together. You will also notice that the wire feed assembly of this unit is made from metal. Another Hobart 140 review admitted that it only took them one try with the welder to know that its quality is top notch. The gas regulator, in particular, is nicely done thus giving it a superior finish compared to other welders on the market.

Hobart Handler 140 Welder Pros and Cons

The overall performance of this welder is quite impressive. As a matter of fact, you will find it difficult getting over the fact that you landed such equipment at such a price. It is difficult to find a high-quality welder going for less than $500. This is to say that the Hobart 140’s price is a great bargain. The manufacturers did a great job putting together the Hobart 140 judging from the choice of material (brass) and the finish. It is almost too good to be true when you consider the durability, warranty and the amount of work that you can accomplish using the Hobart 140 welder.

hobart handler 140 review

Despite the impressive and positive reviews about this welder, few things rubbed most users the wrong way. The first thing that users seem to be unhappy with is the fact that it only comes with a ‘sample’ spool of wire. It seems like these users expected a complete spool of wire to be included in the package. Secondly, it is quite disappointing for most users that adjusting the spool of wire required them to have a wrench.

Wrapping up our Hobart 140 review

Comparing the Hobart Handler 140 welder with its equivalents on the market reveals unmatched superiority. Both professionals and rookies will definitely appreciate the performance of this welder. Not to mention the fact that its design is unparalleled right from the packaging all the way to the actual working mechanism. If I were to recommend a MIG welder for a multipurpose user, then it will have to be the Hobart Handler 140 MIG welder. This is because it caters to a wide range of welding needs. Additionally, the design features of this welder have the needs of a rookie in mind. These include ease of use, easy to setup and well-done user manual.

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