Mophorn MIG Welder 200

Inspired to make machines that make a difference for consumers, while saving their hard-earned money; Mophorn aspires to be the leader of such products. Specifically, with the Mophorn MIG Welder 200, as it can handle most welding jobs and simple to use. All this compacted into one, easy to transport, model.

Overview of the Mophorn MIG Welder 200

Within the perfect mixture of being a MMA, MIG, and MAG Inverter; the Mophorn MIG Welder 200 can use 200V. Not only it is multifunctional, but also has an electrode welding device is integrated within the system itself. The CO2 shielded welding equipment implements the most progressive inverter technology, as the model comes standard with the electronic reactor circuit. This governs the process of the electric short transition with precision; all the while smoothly blending the weld for a durable weld.

Specifications on the Mophorn MIG Welder 200:

  • Model: MIG/MMA200A
  • Material: Steel
  • Power Source: AC
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Power: 240 V, 50Hz
  • Rated Input Current: 27.6 A
  • Output Current: 40-200A
  • No-load Voltage: 16.5-23.0V
  • Duty Cycle: MIG@35%, MMA@60%
  • Power Factor: 0.93
  • Efficiency: 85%
  • Wire Speed: 2.5-13 m/min
  • Usable Electrode: 1.6-4.0 mm (0.06-0.16 inch)
  • Wire Diameter: 0.8/1.0 mm (0.03/0.04 inch)
  • Protection Degree: IP21S
  • Insulation Class: F
  • Suitable Thickness: >0.8 mm
  • Item Package Quantity: 1
  • Handle Material: Plastic
  • Batteries Included: None
  • Batteries Required: No
  • Width: 8.5”
  • Height: 13.6”
  • Length: 18.1”
  • Weight: 30lbs

Included with the Mophorn MIG Welder 200 cost-effective kit:

  • MIG / MMA 200A Welding Machine
  • Mask
  • Brush
  • 3M 15AK Torch
  • 1.5M Electrode Holder Cable with Clamp
  • 1.5M Ground Cable with Clip
  • Owner’s manual with installation, operation and maintenance guidelines


Usability of the Mophorn MIG Welder 200

Created for welding average steels, the Mophorn MIG Welder 200 can also be used with other materials. It can be used on galvanized components, aluminum, stainless steel, high-strength steel, and more. This unit is great for welding sheet of low-carbon, alloyed and stainless steels.


The Mophorn MIG Welder 200 can counterbalance the automatic voltage pulsation. Creating minimum spark, while maintaining a good arc. While the sturdy, and continuous, wire speed saves on power.

A part and parcel feature, that will ease your cares, is the cooling system. This is to ensure that your Mophorn MIG Welder 200 does not overheat. It will provide you with a piece of mind and allows you to continue your focus on your work. Versus worrying about the length of time that you have had your machine on.

If you desire to control the wire feed and the power to your specifications, then the Mophorn MIG Welder 200 is ideal for you. By adjusting these features to how you need them, gives you a better sense of familiarity with the machine. As an extra comfort, this will provide you with constant operation.

To prevent the electrode from sticking, there is an anti-stick function that controls the welding current. The hot start function protects the caliber of the machine. Creating a smooth weld from start to finish.


The Mophorn MIG Welder 200 has been condensed into an easily carried, powerful, machine. Small enough to keep around the house, or in a working garage. Or, transport it to the work site to complete your average welding task that you have planned.


Averaging at a price of around $309, the Mophorn MIG Welder 200 is at the lower spectrum when compared to other models in the same category. Payment plans are available, through some online stores. While shopping around, consider whether you want to have a protection plan included. This does come at an additional fee.

Use caution if you are purchasing it as being used or refurbished. Ensure that all is in great working condition. Also, you will need to inspect as to whether the seller will offer a warranty. If it is refurbished, some sellers do not offer warranties.  A warranty, on such an amazing machine, provides comfort incase you ever need a repair or if it needs a replacement part.


Features of the Mophorn MIG Welder 200

  • Wide Range of Capacity: Built with MAG/MIG/ARC/MMA functions, which can handle multiple welding projects.
  • Straightforward and Simple: No frills here, as this machine is single-phase controlled with a microprocessor for easy handling while welding.
  • Superb Caliber: Equipped with a steady welding pool and a high duty cycle. There is a hot start function, so that it does not stick the electrode.
  • Compact and Lightweight: Great to carry around to any welding job site. Durable, dependable, and with a reasonable price.
  • Multiple Applications: Capable of welding different kinds of materials. Such as low-carbon steel, alloyed steel and stainless steel.

Pros of the Mophorn MIG Welder 200

Here are some of the reasons why you will be glad in owning the Mophorn MIG Welder 200:

  • Overall value for the price that you pay.
  • Reliable for tough jobs.
  • Can keep up at 150ams.
  • Durable enough handle difficult jobs.
  • Quick disconnects make for a reduction of time spent working.
  • The torch cools down within minutes.
  • Simple Set-up

Cons of the Mophorn MIG Welder 200

  • A little on the loud side. However, if you are working in your garage or at a job site, no one will really notice.
  • Lack of information on the owner’s manual.
  • Comes with a 220VAC plug, that is perfect in Europe. If you intend to use it within the United States, you will need to swap the plug.
  • The main power cord is European friendly, but difficult to manage if you are using it within the United States.

Final Thoughts

The Mophorn MIG Welder 200 is one of the machines where you get what you paid for, plus some. If you are new to welding, you may have to do you homework prior to use, as the owner’s manual does not provide much to refer back to. This machine is great for hobbyists, and those with some welding experience.


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