Best Millermatic Welders: Our Top 6 Choices for MIG Welding

Many businesses dealing with machinery and metal need welding equipment. Depending on the type of jobs done by the workshop it could be required for maintenance purposes, to repair their own machinery or to fulfill a contract. While welding looks like a standard process for the uninitiated, the fact is that there are many different ways to approach it depending on the job that it’s needed for.

There are also a number of materials related to each welding job and knowing each one of them will save the company a lot of money and time in the long run. Welding can be used in manufacturing, but it can also be needed for repairs, to polish a surface or to grinding it. The welding equipment could frequently be used or just on occasions.

As you can probably begin to assert there are some variables to consider when you are picking welding equipment. You need to secure a welding machine that guarantees heat penetration, no pores, no pockets and no gaps with an excellent surface finish.

Our Choices for the Best Millermatic Welders

On the next few lines, we are going to have a look at six of the most versatile welders manufactured by the Miller Company for the Millermatic series. After reading the features on each one and what they can do, you’ll be able to know the differences between them and make a choice on your own that it’s suited to the needs of your business. On we go:

Millermatic 141 MIG Welder

The Millermatic 141 is a crafty little welding machine that it’s best suited for people who approach welding as a hobby or for amateurs in the craft. This low-powered piece of machinery works with 120 volts of electrical power, and it’s the preferred choice of homeowners, small automotive workshops, and artists.

Measuring 12.5 x 20.5 x 11.5 inches the 141 doesn’t take a lot of space. It has a duty cycle of 90A and a MIG flux core. It weighs 51lbs, and the wire feed has a speed range of 15 to 260 IPM. The 141 features an auto-set control that it’s ideal for beginners. A light signal will let the user know when this mode it’s activated, so all they’ll need to do is pick the wire diameter and the thickness of the material being worked on with the machine.

The Millermatic 141 can handle stainless steel and aluminum at 24 gauges to 3/16 inches, but it’s not powerful enough to reach the core beyond that point. The duty cycle of the 141 welder demands that for every 2 minutes of continuous work the machine is given a cooling down period of 8 minutes.

The 141 is lined with an automatic internal overload protection system to run the machine under that time span. The voltage settings of this welder make it ideal for indoor work as long as is plugged into a grid, since it won’t work with generators in remote locations. Once the user acquires experience, the 141 has a set of manual controls to regulate the functions of the equipment to allow custom settings.

Millermatic 211 MIG Welder

Bearing a physical look very close to the previous model, the Millermatic 211 is a very powerful, multi-voltage, plug-in welder. The main feature of this welder is the ability to work with multiple voltage settings ranging from the 110V provided by a regular grid to 240V supplied by more powerful sources.

This welder can also work connected to generators that have extensive power rates. The 211 makes an excellent choice for households of welding enthusiasts, but it’s also a good a great piece of equipment for industrial operations. The power output of the 211 can vary from 30A to 230A which make it an ideal choice to work on steel, aluminum, and certain low-density metals ranging from 18 to 24 gauges with a fire feed speed that can go from 60 to 600 IPM.

The Millermatic 211 measures 11.25 x 12.5 x 20.5 inches and weighs 38lbs, and it has a number of special features that make it a far superior choice for the user who is ready to upgrade an old model. The 211 has a special auto setting that allows the user to control wire diameter, speed, and bottom knob. It’s lined with inverter technology that combined with the portable size makes this welder one of the most versatile on the list.

The 211 has a quick select drive mode that gives access to three specific groove settings, and a cooling system that works automatically to keep the welder running with the lowest noise possible. The aluminum-cast drive system gives full manual control of the welder to the user that eventually outgrows the automatic features.

Millermatic 212 MIG Welder

The Millermatic 212 possesses the popular auto-set feature found in previous models with a higher level of precision. The welder comes equipped with contactor circuitry that keeps the wire cord cool until it’s pulled to start torching a surface. The increased safety features make this welder a trendy choice for workshop businesses.

It also comes with a number of accessories to be used depending on the type of job required for it such as the EZ-change low cylinder rack that let users roll cylinders on/off the rack as needed. It also comes with a Spool gun that will help users save time when they need to change the wire feed speed to provide a continuous flow of wire and a smooth end on the welding job.

The Millermatic 212 measures 19 x 30 x 40 inches and weighs 183lbs. It comes lined with a power cord plug that can be extended up to 7 feet and a working clamp extension of 10 feet to offer a wide area of work. It needs a power input of 208 to 230V to work correctly and it’s specially designed to work outdoors while connected to a power generator.

The welding amperage range can go from 30 to 210A with a wire speed that can go from 50 to 700 IPM. The automatic regulation system is preprogrammed to offer 1.3 minutes of usage at maximum capacity against 17 minutes of repose. The 212 can handle metal, aluminum, and certain alloys at 22 gouges to 3/8 inches of thickness with ease.    

Millermatic 252 MIG Welder

The main difference between the Millermatic 252 and the other models listed on the list is the power output required to make it work at the top of its game. The Miller Company lists the 252 as an upgrade of the 250 model that’s been discontinued. This new model features the first ever digital panels found on a Miller model that allows the user to activate the automatic settings of the welder or to control every function manually.

This model also increases notably the workspace with a power cord of 15fts to allow the user more movement range and a long gun with a 0.35 wire for precision jobs. The 252 also comes lined with arc stabilizer technology patented by the company that gives the worker complete control over the starting time of the welding.

The Millermatic 252 measures approximately 40 x 19 x 30 inches in size and weighs around 207lbs. The welder is designed to work with almost any power output provided, but it offers its best performance when it’s connected to a power grid of 200 to 240V. The output range reached by the 252 can go from 30 to 300A in a matter of minutes.

The system has a lot of accessories included such as a 15-foot torch, an argon mix regulator, dual groove drive rolls and a cylinder rack. The wire can handle solid and stainless steel, aluminum and flux cored from 22 gouges to ½ an inch of thickness with no problem. This welder is highly recommended for large industrial operations and professional use.

Millermatic 350p MIG Welder

The Millermatic 350p MIG is a professional welder designed to provide the most efficient work output for a user by increasing productivity levels and reducing scraps at significant percentages. This welder has been conceived to work best in industrial settings where fabrication, manufacturing, maintenance, and repairs are needed on a constant basis.

Its durability is second to none. The 350p MIG can work with a power output of 208V, but it gives its best performance at 480V. The rated output of the welder has been measured at 300A on a 60% duty cycle that can reach up to 400A. The welder can handle solid and stainless steel as well as aluminum, metal-core, and flux cored at 22 gouges to 1/3 inches.

The smart features equipped on the 350p MIG offer the gun-on-demand automatic setting that let users handle the welder with a regular MIG gun or with a Spoolmatic 15/30A gun that the equipment can sense by itself when used.

The Millermatic 350p MIG comes equipped with a number of extras, but these are not as extensive as the other options registered on the list. The user will receive the welder with 15ft MIG gun with a couple of contact tips, a 10ft power cord that doesn’t give much workspace, along with a 10ftwork cable with amp clap. It also has a factory installed gas solenoid, an Argon regulator, and a low mounted cylinder rack.

Welding wire and Flux cored drive rolls are not included with this one. The 350p MIG measures 19 x 34 x 41 inches and it weighs 181lbs. It comes equipped with the automatic features offered by some of the others models such as the fan-on-demand to keep the system cool and reduce power consumption and the Power Compensation systems that keep the welder from being damaged by overusing it for long periods of time with no rest.

Just like the previous offering, this welder is best suited for industrial uses only.

Millermatic 350p Aluminum MIG Welder  

Designed and optimized to work solely on Aluminum, the Millermatic 350p Aluminum MIG welder is the best-specialized tool offered by the Miller Company. It comes equipped with an XR-Aluma pro-gun especially suited for its main purpose. This welder is powered by a push-pull mechanism to gives the device an ongoing push power to the wire while offering specialized control over the speed of the gun.

The system works to create a positive wire feed speed and an increased arc power that takes away the cold ignition that creates problems to aluminum professionals. The synergic pulse is controlled by single knob regulators that will give automatic settings to the wire feed according to the needs of the worker. There is also a jog and purge feature that helps the user to jog the wire or purge the gas lines at convenience to regulate the ongoing pressure of the gas flow before starting each job.

The Millermatic 350p Aluminum MIG welder measures 19 x 34 x 41 inches and weighs 181lbs. It’s designed to work with a power input that can go from 208V to 480V. It has a rated output of 300A on a 60% duty cycle. The energy is transmitted using a 10ft power cord that has no plug or a 10ft working cable with a clamp. The working space provided is not as extensive, but the welder can function really well with external generators.

The wire diameter can reach 22 gauges on ½ inches of aluminum with no problems at all. Since the welder is designed to specialized use of a single material, it comes lined with a series of precision features on the trigger to allow the worker to do each high job levels of accuracy. The Trigger Schedule Select (SCHD) lets the operator switch between welding parameters with easy by doing a quick tap after a brief pause. And the Trigger Hold lets the user put the trigger on a single setting while doing a job that requires a long, continuous weld.

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