Metabo HPT Cordless Circular Saw C18DBALQ4

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The Metabo HPT offers the cordless-corded circular saw that matches the power output requirement on a job site. MultiVolt allows the power of a Metabo corded circular saw, the independence of a cordless platform, and the decision to run all MultiVolt tools like this one with a plug or battery into a power outlet. The Metabo HPT batteries utilize 21700 cells and deliver more than watts of power. The battery provides a runtime of 4 Ah with 36 volts and 8 Ah.

The power tool is light in weight and easy to use. Therefore, if you are searching for a sturdy device, go for Metabo HPT.

About The Metabo HPT Cordless Circular Saw

Hitachi company has achieved its transformation to Metabo HPT. One of the stages they are counting on to launch their new branding, the MultiVolt system. On the thirty-six-volt side is the brand-new Metabo HPT MultiVolt Circular Saw. It is a handy power tool with advanced and well-researched technology. The MultiVolt Circular Saw offers the cordless-corded advancement that matches the power output requirement on a job site. Hence, making it a must-have latest tool for everyone.

The power tool is only 9.7 pounds in weight, which makes it handy. With sturdy build quality, the Multibo is the most reliable and dependable power tool. It has an advanced dust blower to clean the cutting path from cut pieces and dust.

For the safety and security of the user, the power tool has advanced electric brakes. These brakes halt the ongoing operation within no time. The base of the Multibo HPT is sturdy aluminum, which makes the reading of scale easy. The soft start mechanism of the MultiVolt power tool makes the noiseless start. The Multibo has advanced bevel technology with a range of 5 degrees to 45 degrees. It has a deep-cut incision range of 7.25 to 6.5 inches.

Pros and Cons of the Metabo HPT Cordless Circular Saw

As with any circular saw, there are going to be advantages and disadvantages when compared to other product options. This option is no exception. We would be remiss if we didn’t cover this circular saw from all angles. Below are some of the pros and cons that we have discovered with the Metabo HPT Cordless Circular Saw C18DBALQ4.

Tool Guides Hub Thoughts

Power tools are the basic need of any professional or regular workmen. In the market, several kinds of power tools are available. Before getting one, we must analyze our needs and requirements.

A few main aspects to look out for include electric brakes, blades capacity, shaft locks, etc. Blades are available in varied materials like aluminum, steel, carbide, tile, and masonry. Every circular saw blade has a specific application and uses.

Another significant feature to look for in a circular saw power tool is a cordless or corded power tool. For regular users and beginners, cordless circular blades are the best option. While for professionals, the choice of corded or cordless saw depends upon the usability and work type. So, evaluate your needs and purchase a circular saw accordingly.

Alternative Circular Saw Options

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