Makita XSH03Z 18V LXT Brushless 6.5-Inch Circular Saw

makita xsh03z

Makita XSH03Z Circular Saw is a real innovation in brushless motors technology. It has 18 Volts Lithium-Ion battery. This cordless and brushless 6 1/2″ Circular Saw has joined power and run time for more agile cutting and ripping.

The Makita Circular Saw has an Automatic speed regulator, which adjusts speed and torque during operation without hindrance. The Makita Brushless Saw has specific engineering that supports prolonged use, increased speed and power, and durable tool life.

This saw is definitely worth the price because of its efficient performance. The power tool has more power, and it can rotate faster. A LED light indicator provides a clear view while operating. The other outstanding features like the fuel gauge, hanging hook, and blade brakes make it a must-have tool.

About The Makita XSH03Z 18V LXT Brushless 6.5-Inch Circular Saw

Makita XSH03Z Circular Saw has a Bl motor that delivers 5,000 Rotations per minute for faster ripping and cutting. Its automatic speed shift adjusts torque and velocity during operation. The automatic speed control ensures optimal performance. The power tool has a sleek design and lightweight that help in performing elevated tasks.

The Makita Circular Saw has a unique design that protects users during extensive applications. For the extreme conditions at the job site, it has dust and water resistance guards. The power tool has computer control protection. It is a communication technology that enables the circular saw and battery to exchange data in real-time and tracks the conditions to protect against over-discharging, overloading, and overheating.

It has 18 volts sturdy battery for increased usability. The Makita XSH03Z Circular Saw has a superior rpm repressing feature that promises smooth applications. Its retractable prospect makes it a portable tool that improves user comfort. The soft-grip handles of the Makita Circular Saw reduce stress while handling extensive operations. It also has a triple LED power indicator that makes it easy to see details during any procedure.


As with any circular saw, there are going to be advantages and disadvantages when compared to other product options. This option is no exception. We would be remiss if we didn’t cover this circular saw from all angles. Below are some of the pros and cons that we have discovered with the Makita XSH03Z 18V LXT Brushless 6.5-Inch Circular Saw.

Tool Guides Hub Thoughts

Before investing money in any power tool, one must consider some essential features of the circular saw power tool, and if you are going to buy a portable cordless power cord version. You can always add an extension cord if you don’t want to run it on batteries.

Always look for an adjustable base plate as it is desirable for making angle cuts. Cordless Circular saws are accurate because they have no cords to the plugin, and they can work on dual power options. There are two circular saw options available in the power tool market. One runs on direct electricity, and the other is back up by battery power. It is a fact that corded saws are more powerful, but they are heavier than cordless ones.

Alternative Circular Saw Options

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