Makita Miter Saw XSL08PT With AWS

makita miter saw

Makita miter saw is best as it does not require any cord for connection; it works with 2 LXT batteries. It works with more speed and power conveniently. The rate is 400 RPM, and the name of the brand is Makita.

It works on 36 volts. The length of the item is 23.11 inches, the width is 36.2 inches, and the height is 21.65 inches. The power source is corded electric.

The material is carbon, and the style is kit. The weight of the item is 99 pounds. The warranty of the product is of 3 years.

About the Makita Miter Saw XSL08PT With AWS

Makita is well known for brushless motor engineering, having a miter and battery technology. It also has a wireless system, in which Bluetooth is used. As a result, using the Bluetooth power can be on-off between the dust extractor and tool.

The motor delivers a faster 4400 RPM as it has BL brushless motor. The BL brushless motor eliminates the carbon brushes, making it more relaxed and efficient to run for a long time. There is an auto-start wireless system (AWS) to turn on and off. It runs on 36 volts.

The speed is also automatically adjusted for cutting. There is also a lock in the front angle for your convenience. It has an arbor of 1 inch. The weight of the product is 99 pounds. The warranty is three years that shows its durability. It has an electric brake and laser guide as well.

There is also a blade depth arm in it. It has two collection ports for collecting the dust. It is a dual-port rapid charger also. The wireless unit, wrench, and triangle. The batteries are 5.0Ah potent batteries.

Pros and Cons of the Makita Miter Saw XSL08PT With AWS

As with any Miter Saw, there are going to be advantages and disadvantages when compared to other product options. This option is no exception. We would be remiss if we didn’t cover this Miter Saw from all angles. Below are some of the pros and cons that we have discovered with the Makita Miter Saw XSL08PT With AWS.

Tool Guides Hub Thoughts

This is very convenient to use, as it has 2 LXT batteries, and you don’t need to connect the cord. It is available at a very reasonable price, and the money spends on it is worth it. It is durable, the warranty of the product is three years.

It is effortless to clean as it has dual dust collecting collect the dust. It is very light and well equipped. It is very easy to position. The saw is powerful as it can cut 375 per charge. It has a brushless motor that eliminates the carbon brushes and makes it more relaxed and long-lasting.

It has an auto-start wireless system that uses Bluetooth. It gives a very smooth cutting and changes its speed automatically. So, it is well recommended as it has many features and advantages. Given its rich feature set and economical price the Makita Meter Saw is the first choice saw of many people and we are sure you won’t be disappointed either.

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