Laguna Tools B Flux 1 HP Dust Collector

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Laguna Tools B-Flux is the most elegant single juncture dust collector available in the market. The sleek design and power make it different from others. No scrabble with the steel band while mounting your lower bag. B-Flux comes with a fabricated snap-band that makes changing the bag easy. Its 1-horsepower feels solid with low dB ratings.

Its horizontal dust cataract gives maximum airflow and rotates up to 180° to make the four-inch passage face to the ground. With a single-stage process, the B-Flux collects every dust particle into its disposal bag. The B-Flux is silent and convenient compared to the old standard dust collectors.

About the Laguna Tools B Flux 1 HP Dust Collector

If you work in a small area like a basement, single car garage, or back porch workshop, then the clean floor is the biggest concern. Feasible compact machinery has required for the job. In concentrated places dust, in the air is a huge problem. With the B-Flux 1-horsepower dust collector, users can efficiently perform tasks without getting the place dirty.

This Laguna Tools B-Flux duct collector would allow the dust to sit on the floor, on your project, and into your respiratory system. It does an admirable job without taking enormous space into your working area. The Laguna Tools B-Flux dust collector has a single-stage dust collector. It has a base of 15-inch by 27-inches and height is only fifty-inch.

The 1-horsepower AC motor generates strong torque and power of the actual 560 CFM at the inlet. The B-Flux has no problem overhauling any standard woodwork machine often found in the average-sized workshop. The Laguna Tools B-Flux can connect to a Dewalt 14-inch thickness planer and 6-inch joiner through a 4-inch dust hose with prominent dust extraction. The B-Flux draws only 8.7 amps that means you can connect it into any 110/120-volt 15-Amp outlet without worrying about tripping the safety breaker.

Pros and Cons of the Laguna Tools B Flux 1 HP Dust Collector

Tool Guides Hub Thoughts

A dust collector is an essential piece of equipment, especially when working in a concentrated area like the Garage, backside of the workshop, rooftop. Selection of the perfect tool with your requirement is not an easy job. It is one of the most important purchases to make for a workshop that deals in woodwork.

Keep in mind that the tiny particles of dust created by machinery can cause respiratory problems and even cause cancer. Protecting your lungs and the environment is the influential priority. If you use low-power tools like an angle grinder, orbital sander, or routers, then a standard vacuum cleaner can do the cleaning job when you work with heavy woodwork or metalwork.

A proper one or two-cycle dust collector is a must-have equipment for the workshop. If your equipment has localized in a small area, it does not need a lengthy hose or duct when you are on a tight budget, then a single-stage duct and particles collector is the best option.  


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