How Welding Lens Protect Welders Eyes

Welding lens used in welding helmets protect our eyes while performing welding. It protects our eyes from ultravioletlight, sparks and heat. If any kind of suitable lenses are notused, then the harmful rays can burn our eye retina which can lead to severe damage to our eyes. Not only our eyes but the UVRAYS can also affect our uncovered skin. The welding lens which are used in most of the helmets are made from a pair of polarized lenses.

Everybody knows that there are a number of health risks and hazards with welding. Moreover, if the best welding lenses are not used, there is a risk of eye damage from dust particles and irritation due to gases and fumes also.

Benefits of using the best welding lens

Nowadays Best Welding Lens comes in a variety of shades so we can choose the lens according to the type of our work. Choosing the best welding lens to protect our eyes will provide a suitable level of cover. Moreover, one must take into consideration the appropriate levels of protection specified by (OSHA) Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

  • Welders bear many unseen dangers and occupational hazards. Such hazards can be avoided by wearing the best welding lenses.
  • Having the best welding eye lenses can avoid the risk of being blinded due to bright light.
  • The best welding lens will allow us to see clearly without getting darkened of lenses which are commonly named as Auto –darkening lenses.
  • The best welding lens can adjust the sensitivity automatically.

How to choose the right welding helmet

A number of factors come in our mind while selecting a welding helmet. When the helmets are designed, not all the helmets are created equally. Most of the modern welding helmets consist of a window covered with a filter called lens shade. We can easily select the kind of helmet of suitable lens by ensuring the qualities: –

  • Before buying the welding helmet one must ensure that the Best Welding Lens used in helmet have passed all the testing.
  • The welding lens used in helmet must have a coating of UV and IR-coated dark tinted glass
  • The lens must be auto darkening lens which directly addresses all the issuesrelated to lightening etc.
  • Using the lens of variable shades allow us to adjust the shades as compared to the lens of fixed shade.
  • Poly carbonate Best Welding Lens are also used now days which protects our eyes from dust particles, splashes and sparks of light.

Using the perfect lenses according to the work can decrease the damage to our eyes to a large extent.These lenses can either be used in helmets or glasses. If there is a possibility of indirect exposure to light, then one must go for glasses as they seal the sideways attack of light to our eyes. The workers who do not use the glasses or helmets may suffer severe pain and in eyes.

How welding shields out eyes

  • The light produces during welding s as sharp as the rays of sun, which makes a serious damage to our eyes which can even lead to blindness.
  • It can be avoided by wearing dark filter lenses which allow the worker to see properly and clearly during work.
  • The use of polycarbonate lenses with filter reduces the risk of penetration of UV rays.
  • As per OSHA recommends, one should go for the shade which is too dark to see the weld zone and then slowly changing to lighter shades.

Face shields and goggles are also important

Face shields are also important as the flashes of light affect our skin too.

  • Face shields protect our skin from sparks, slag and fumes.
  • The face shields are consisting of replaceable plates; we can remove the plates easily with lighter or darker shades.
  • Adding Best Welding Lens under face shields is always a good practice as removing the plates frequently may affect our eyes.
  • The lenses used in face shields can be battery powered or solar powered. The main benefit is that the lenses will automatically adjust as per the frequency of light changes.
  • The battery powered lenses are having with a very small computer attached to photo sensors.
  • The solar powered Best Welding Lens are fueled by the light occurring during welding process.

It is observed as that for less hazardous lenses or glasses used 5.0 are more convenient.These lenses reduces the risk of damage of eyes and skin to a large extent.

Sensitivity of welding glasses

Some of the welding helmets have auto sensitivity which is important as sometimes the lenses get darken which interrupts the welding in between. These adjustments are usually located inside lens. Adelay feature which keeps the lens dark helps the welder to look properly even in sharp light .it also prevents our eyes from coming in contact from flash.

Optical clarity is also important

  • Optical clarity generally means to see clearly by lenses of welding helmet.
  • One must ensure the optical clarity before using the welding can be easily confirmed by putting the auto darkening helmet on. This feature of helmet confirms the quality of welding helmet.

What ANSI standards specifies?

According to ANSI standard of every wearing helmet must be specified. This standard requires that the auto darkening helmets provide full protection against UV and infrared rays. After that welder does not need to adjust he helmet as it also protects from exposure of rays, flashes and flyparties.

Welding helmets must be the basic need of a welder in order to protect his eyes. Varieties of helmets with different featured Best Welding Lens are available so that any welder can easily choose the helmet according to his work purpose.

Welding is a process during which a large number of rays emit which directly enters our eyes and damages retina which is a serious eye problem. We can prevent our direct contact of eyes from flashes but the heat which produces during welding also affects our skin which leads to sunburn and many more diseases related to our skin. So it is must to wear helmet during welding.


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