Grizzly Bandsaw G0555LX – Best Band Saw Review for 2021

grizzly bandsaw

The Grizzly 14-inch Deluxe Bandsaw is now better in performance. The 14 inches Grizzly Bandsaw is a renewed version of the previous model of Grizzly Bandsaw. The new model has lots of distinguishing characteristics that the previous model lacked.

For instance, it has a firm T-shape fence design and computer-balanced cast iron wheels. The computer-calibrated cast iron wheels have rubber tires that ensure hassle-free mobility.

Its firm projected aluminum re-saw fence is of a T-shape that offers magnifying window calibration of fence scale and miter gauge. And the fencing blade is also adjustable and flexible for blade lead.

About The Grizzly Bandsaw G0555LX

It is a significant fact to know that the type of Bandsaw frame is critical. The Grizzly G0555LX Deluxe 14-inch Bandsaw comes with a deluxe heavy-duty stand. Cast iron frame with film-coated paint to bring out excess lumber curve cutting, ripping, and various additional irregular or odd shapes casting.

The Grizzly Deluxe Bandsaw also proffer a rack-and-pinion guidepost for upper blades and lower and upper ball bearing edge guides. Apart from the Grizzly resolute structure and design, it arrives equipped with a 1HP motor powerful motor of 110/220 Volts. Its blade velocity speeds are around 3100 FPM and 1,800 FPM.

The Grizzly Bandsaw has table tilting abilities also. It can tilt to max right 45 degrees and minimum left 10 degrees. The Deluxe Bandsaw comes with four inches dust port that gets quickly connected to the dust collecting system. Hence, keep the working area clean from dust particles.

Other than the dust collecting system, the Grizzly comes with a 3/8 inch miter gauge and blade. The Grizzly Deluxe Bandsaw is CSA Certified and meets international lumber standards. It has precision ground cast iron for perfect table construction. It is lightweight and easy to manage during any application.

Pros and Cons of Grizzly Bandsaw G0555LX

As with any Band Saw, there are going to be advantages and disadvantages when compared to other product options. This option is no exception. We would be remiss if we didn’t cover this Best Band Saw from all angles. Below are some of the pros and cons that we have discovered with the Grizzly Bandsaw G0555LX.

Tool Guides Hub Thoughts

The Grizzly Deluxe 14-inch Bandsaw is indeed a powerful tool for all professional carpenters and toilers. Its powerful blade velocity speed ranges from 3100 FPM to 1800 FPM, perfect for accurate cutting. The computer-calibrated cast iron frame gives Grizzly Deluxe Bandsaw a sturdy base and body.

However, the package comes with the cast iron table that is perfect for precision-ground. The Grizzly Deluxe comes with computer-equitable wheels of cast iron with rubber tires. This feature improves machine mobility from one place to another.

All the features and specifications make the Grizzly 14-inch Deluxe Bandsaw a perfect wood cutting and precision tool for all types of carpenters and toilers.

Alternative Band Saw Options

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