The Best Drill Bits For Metal and Steel In 2021 and Beyond

Drill bits for metal and stainless steel are mainly used to bore holes on hard surfaces. Whether you are installing a simple soap dispenser or water faucet, some drilling will be required. Cutting through metal or steel can be challenging, the reason why you need a special drill bit designed for this purpose.

Drill bits are available in a range of sizes and types for drilling holes through different materials. Although many drill bits can pierce holes through several material types, not all drill bits can be successfully used on metal without snapping or heating up. 

The best drill bits for metal are typically made of carbide, cobalt, high-speed steel with a few being made of diamond. To reduce friction, drill bits for metal are sometimes finished with coatings such as titanium or black oxide.

DEWALT DW1354 Titanium Drill Bit Set 

best drill bits for metalThe DEWALT DW1354 is among the most outstanding drill bits. It’s also a favorite among both professional users and DIY enthusiasts. Nearly every owner of a drill machine probably knows this handy drill bits set. The DW1354 drill bit set consists of a remarkable 14 pieces, an 80 piece accessory set, and a 45 piece screw driving set. However, it’s the drill bit features set that captures users’ imagination because of their uniqueness.

DEWALT DW1354 comes with a strong titanium tip that increases the bits’ durability compared to regular black oxide bit tips. The tapered web makes titanium bits even tougher and enhances their durability. Because the bit doesn’t start spinning before it comes into contact with the metal or steel surface that prevents it from skidding and slipping. The titanium tip is ideal when you want to cut through metal and other types of surfaces such as plastic and hardwood.

It features a “No-Slip Shank,” meaning that this drill bit won’t spin within the chuck while rotating. The shank is designed to keep and hold the bit tightly in place. The 14 pieces in this set are available in a secure storage case, ideal for keeping them organized and easy to carry around.

Features and Specifications

  • Features a “No-Slip Shank”
  • Lasts longer than black oxide because of the titanium coating. 
  • Includes 14 bits that range between 1/6 to ½ inches.
  • Bits don’t start spinning before coming into contact with the surface.
  • Unique shank aids the chuck to hold the bit tightly.
  • The tapered web makes the bits more durable.
  • Comes organized in a handy plastic carrying box.

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Drill Hulk Cobalt Metal Drill Bit Set

best drill bits for metalWhen you have to drill holes through hardened metals like stainless steel or wrought iron, this is the drill bit set to consider. Drill Hulk bits are made of cobalt combined with high-speed steel and are available in 12, 3/16-inch twist pieces. The tapered split point penetrates metal cleanly and quickly. The fluted side grooves are designed to remove shavings as you drill. 

Features and Specifications

  • Jobber length in varied sizes for different user requirements
  • Made using high-speed steel mixed with 5% cobalt for improved heat resistance.
  • The cobalt steel’s high red hardness offers strong, durable performance
  • You can repeatedly sharpen the drill bits as needed. The uniform cobalt hardness ensures the bits can withstand repeated sharping the edge, becoming dull. 
  • Suitable for hard metal and stainless steel surfaces. 
  • Comes with case for storage and ease of transportation.

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Amolo Titanium Metal Drill Bits Set

best drill bits for metalThis set of 1/8″ Titanium Drill Bits consists of ten 1/8-inch titanium-coated pieces made from high-speed steel capable of drilling 1/8-inch holes in metals such as copper, aluminum, and alloy. However, they won’t work very successfully on stainless steel, iron, and other hardened metals. They have twisted side grooves that help stabilize the drill bit during drilling and also direct the shavings up and out of the drilled hole. Extra sets of 10 bits can also be accessed in other sizes. 

This drill bit is designed to fit the majority of power drills available on the market and come equipped with a portable plastic case for easy organization and storage. They are harder than the 4241 HSS normally used in similar drill bits set. The titanium coating increases durability and wear-resistance. The spiral groove design quickly clears particles, decreases heat and friction for a cooler and faster drilling performance. The 135° Split Point straight shank makes drilling precise.

Features and Specifications

  • Multiple application 10Pcs 1/8″ twist metal drill bits 
  • Premium HSS Titanium coating.
  • Made with industry grade high-speed steel for strength
  • Fully ground process and 135° split point 
  • Center punch not needed for drilling
  • Ideal for most DIY projects, household repair, and maintenance
  • Comes with 90 days replacement or refund warranty
  • These bits come in a handy plastic case to facilitate easy storage.

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Milwaukee Titanium Coated Drill 20-Piece Bit Set

best drill bits for metalThe 20 piece Milwaukee Titanium Coated Drill Bit Set is ranked as one of the best drill bits for metal. It offers heavy-duty performance and convenience on the job site. Designed to withstand extreme stress, Milwaukee Titanium coated drill bits are durable and offer a longer life. The tapered web design resists side-load breakage, and the 3-Flat Secure-Grip shank firmly holds the bit in the drill chuck. 

The titanium coating help reduce the heat build-up and aids in keeping the drill bit sharp, extending their performance. The 135-degree split point tip is designed to deliver a precision start and prevents too much walking for accurate, fast holes. Milwaukee titanium coated bits are effective when you want to drill on curved surfaces and requires less effort.

Features and Specifications

  • Engineered to last 3-times longer compared to black oxide bits. 
  • Delivers precision and accurate holes & limits heat build-up.
  • Stays sharper longer to reliably help you tackle the toughest projects. 
  • Comes with a heavy-duty case to store and transport the bit. 
  • Feature a variable helix designed with an aggressive 35 helix angle that ends at 15.
  • Highly recommended for portable drills

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Irwin Industrial Tools 316015 Drill Bit Set

best drill bits for metalThe Irwin is among the best multipurpose drill bit when working on stainless steel. This set comes with 15 different types of bits, making the job easy if you are working on different specifications.

The Irwin drill bits come equipped with handy self-centering 135-degree drill point angles. These facilitate fast drilling and ideal for stainless steel surfaces. The cobalt helps make the drilling job quick and easy. This cobalt drill bit set comes in a broad range of sizes. 

Features and Specifications

  • Cobalt steel extends the life of the cutting edge and helps maintain cutting life after multiple bit re-sharpening
  • Extra hard drill for less wear
  • The 135-Degree split point tip cuts with less force and starts on contact
  • Reduced shank allows the use of larger drill bits in the chucks
  • Varied sizes for different drilling needs.

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CO-Z Cobalt Multiple Hole Step Drill Bit Set

best drill bits for metalThe CO-Z titanium dipped metal drill bits are made for those delicate projects where even a single millimeter in difference might spell disaster. The CO-Z titanium offers a level of quality that surprises many users considering the low pricing.

Different from the standard HSS tipped blades, the CO-Z drill bit set comes with a cobalt infused core coated in titanium that increases its tip- integrity and durability. This specialized non-walking drill tip supports a smooth and fast drilling experience on aluminum and steel sheets.

This is one of the best metal drill bits, and it comes packed in a custom-made case. The case has non-ferrous padding with dedicated indents, and the top cap is moisture resistant to provide better protection to the drill bits no matter the working conditions or weather.

Features and Specifications

  • HSS Cobalt high-speed steel with titanium coating
  • Available in a range of different sizes
  • Fine tipped titanium points for strength
  • Extreme durability, stays shiny and new for years
  • Different sized shanks for compatibility with different chuck sizes. 
  • Non-walking drill tip supports smooth and fast drills on aluminum sheets, steel sheets
  • Come in a sturdy, well-organized case for easy storage and transport

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Hymnorq Twist Metal Drill Bits Set

best drill bits for metalThe twisted side grooves and tapered noses of the Hymnorq quickly penetrate to give a self-centering hole in hard metals such as iron. The bits are also excellent when you want to drill softer metals like copper and aluminum. However, they may not be the best suited for drilling holes into the hardest metals like high-carbon steel and titanium. Made from cobalt and steel combined with molybdenum for extra durability, the Hymnorq metal drill bits are heat and friction resistant. The 15 bits range from 1/16 to 3/8-inch in size. The set of drill bits come with a handy plastic storage container case.

Manufactured using M35 cobalt steel, the Hymnorq bits have been boosted by the addition of molybdenum and cobalt to create a heat-resistant, hardened alloy. It facilitates much faster cutting and an extended life span, up to 12 times above the average HSS drill bit. The drill bit’s 135°quick-cut split point penetrates quickly with little pressure and is self-centering. The bits don’t wander or walk as you drill. The straight shank is excellent at firmly holding the bit and accurate centering.

It is particularly successful when you want to cut or drill through hard metals such as cast iron and stainless steel so long as their hardness is below HRC38°. These bits are not for high carbon steel or hardened steel and you can try adjusting the RPM when penetration fails. You can, however, also use the Hymnorq on softer materials like copper and aluminum. The Hymnorq set includes 15pcs of M35 grade cobalt steel drill bits, all packed in a hard ABS plastic case.

Features and Specifications

  • Made of HSS, cobalt alloy, and molybdenum
  • Made to German DIN338 standard
  • Kit contains drill bits of different fractional sizes.
  • A quick cut point prevents walking and is self-centering.
  • 135-degree split point easily penetrates with minimal pressure.
  • Excellent at drilling holes in stainless steel and cast iron. 

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Bosch Black Oxide Metal Drill Bit Set

best drill bits for metalIf you are looking for easy drilling into light gauge metals such as copper, aluminum, or alloy, try the Bosch Drill Bit Set. Made using high-speed steel (HSS) coated in black oxide, these drill bits withstand heat and friction well enabling continuous drilling without the drill bit heating up. 

The tapered tips quickly penetrate the metal as you exert pressure and balance the bit well to produce an even, clean hole. The grooves on the twisted shanks’ sides bring up the metal shavings and chuck them out as you drill.  The Bosch Drill Bit Set comes with 21 bits that range in size between 1/16 and 12-inch. The bits come in a convenient plastic storage case.

Features and Specifications

  • Accuracy: the bits feature a split-point tip, which has been engineered for clean and accurate starts on light-gauge metal.
  • Longevity: the unique bit design plus the heavy-duty black oxide drill bit coating extend the longevity.
  • Sturdy: They generate less friction compared to standard drill bits.
  • Reliable: The 3-flat shank on 3/16 in the bits promotes better grip and also guards against potential slipping.
  • Universal: Bosch Drill Bit Set has universal applications.
  • Professional: Designed for tool pros, contractors, and electricians who need reliable and accurate bits for general-purpose drilling.
  • Versatile: the different bit sizes make the Bosch Drill Bit Set very versatile

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DEWALT DW1361 Titanium Pilot Point Drill Bit Set 

best drill bits for metalThis is another quality product from DEWALT. Although it’s made of steel like most other drill bits available on the market, the real kicker is that the Dewalt DW1361 has titanium tips, a feature only found in high-end products. The titanium tip boosts durability and offers long-term, uninterrupted service.

Drilling includes heat, pressure, and friction; the reason you need a drill bit that can withstand such forces. The titanium used in the DW1361 helps boost the working life. Because the bit doesn’t begin spinning until it comes into contact with a surface, it increases the job accuracy and reduces heat generation. The drill bit’s “No Spin Shank” securely attaches to the chuck to eliminate wobbling during the drilling operation.

The DW 1361 set has 21 pieces of different sizes ranging between 1/6 and ½ inch. This enables you to pick the right size for your drilling job. Hard metals and stainless steel tend to be brittle, but the good news is that the Dewalt1361 comes equipped with a titanium coated tapered web that’s strong and durable.

Features and Specifications

  • High-quality steel and titanium tip
  • Kit contains 21 pieces that range from 1/6 to ½ inch
  • Bits only start spinning on contact with a surface
  • No Spin Shank feature ensures no wobbling during operation
  • Tapered web supports longer durability and less breakage
  • The 21 pieces are stored and organized in a hard, durable case.

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Neiko 10193A Titanium Step Drill Bit Set 

best drill bits for metalPerfect for tasks that demand precision and finesse, the Neiko 10193A comes with a 3-piece set. The titanium-dipped nib-tip precisely chews through anything that it connects with. The Neiko is armed with a 135° split point tip. This metal drill bit resists slipping and walking for a clean, fast job. The unique curved tip helps improve the RPM rate and also aids in keeping everything precise and on point.

The 2-flute marked engraving is excellent, and besides the great aesthetic qualities, the design of the Neiko 10193A works well to keep the heat down. It also promotes better expulsion of debris and slugs. The shank’s universal tri-flat design is well made and gives the Nevada 10193A is drill bit great convenience and ease of use.

Features and Specifications

  • High speed, titanium-plated nib tip
  • Titanium coating for durability in drilling holes in stainless steel, copper, aluminum, and many types of sheet metal
  • The 135° split point tip enhances cutting speed with self-centering while preventing walking
  • The 2-flute designs help clear chips faster, allows particles and debris to escape easily
  • The tri-flattened shank securely fits into the power tools chuck, eliminating slip

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KKmoon Straight Shank M35 Cobalt HSS Twist Drill Bits Set 

best drill bits for metalThis 15-piece high-speed steel and cobalt twist drill bit set is perfect for drilling metals, especially the hard ones like stainless steel. The 15PCS in the set are suitable for nearly every kind of drilling work.

Features and Specifications

  • Perfect for drilling stainless steel, iron and aluminum.
  • It can be used with a radial drill, hand drill chuck, and bench drill.
  • Include 15pieces in different sizes to meet all your various needs.
  • Straight round shank feature
  • Super hard M35 high-speed steel made with cobalt.
  • The smooth surface reduces friction and heat.
  • Has a sharp blade for fast and easy drilling
  • Wear-resistant to give long service.

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Factors to Consider When Buying Drill Bits for Metal and Steel 

Choosing drill bits optimized for your specific application is essential; otherwise, you’re likely to be forced to replace the tools and bits too often. First, drill bits are organized according to the job to be done, the medium to be worked on, and the material. That explains why you will find drill bits labeled for use on metal, masonry, and wood. Once you identify your medium and material, then you select the bit size that fits your specific drilling needs.

If you want the best result, several factors are to be considered for the best drill bits for metal.

Drill Bit Material

When choosing a drill bit, one of the important things to consider is the material used in its manufacture. The different metals used in manufacturing drill bits are:

  • High-carbon steel
  • Low-carbon steel
  • High-speed steel
  • Cobalt
  • Carbide
  • Diamond

When buying metal drill bits, it’s best to ‘look for a label that carries the tag HSS (high-speed steel). HSS bits are strong and highly versatile. The more expensive metal drill bits may contain cobalt or have a titanium coating. Steel bits can drill through soft metals such as aluminum and copper, while you may need high-speed steel bits for other types of metals such as stainless steel or cast iron.

Length and Size of the Drill Bit

The drill bit length and size you choose will be dependent on the size of your drilling project. However, you should ensure that the drill you select has a similar size to the type of hole you intend to make. The drill bit size should also match the structure thickness of a particular project.

Compatibility with Your Drill

The type of drill to use for your drilling project is another essential consideration to make. Try and choose a drill bit that will perfectly match the drill type you have or intend to use. The compatibility will contribute to the easy and smooth execution of your drilling project. Besides, it also helps ensure that your drill doesn’t get damaged by the use of discordant drill bits.

Drill Bit Edge or Angle 

Besides the material and coating used in making the drill bit, the edge or angle of the bit point also affects how effectively it penetrates materials or surfaces. Typically, flatter points are used for drilling harder materials, while you can use steeper points for softer materials.

For precise applications, however, you may want to use drill bits that have split points. This design prevents the drill bit from moving or walking into another point/area even when you don’t apply too much force to hold the drill down.

The Pricing

In choosing the best drill bits, a key consideration by most buyers is the product pricing. Most people will, understandably, want to choose drill bits that fall within their budget. That, however, doesn’t mean you should go for cheap drill bits.

Your price considerations should be guided by other important factors such as material, design, size, shape, and your project. Choosing the wrong drill bit will not only delay your project but also put you at risk of getting injured!

Finally, remember that choosing the best drill bit for metal takes practice, and it shouldn’t intimidate you. Carefully refer to the available pilot hole charts before making your final selection. Once you make the purchase, always keep the drill bits organized in their respective compartments in the storage case. 

Our Final Thoughts on the Best Drill Bits For Metal and Steel Options


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